GC Pandemic Majesty

The Grand Canyon National Park celebrated its centennial, 1919-2019. Last time I was there was in 1999 to celebrate the New Millennium with my family. Peaceful beauty and amazing views, without tons of people are my memories. 

We arrived at the Grand Canyon ready with the masks and cleanser after a night in Flagstaff and a morning drive. The fees had definitely increased and it felt like Disney World in 2019. The parking lot had numbered and themed flags to help you locate you car in the acres and acres of pavement.  All the paths were paved and my boots were useless as was my pole.  A shuttle bus takes you to the scenic views. 

Where have you returned that had changed dramatically? What memories do you hold of the Grand Canyon? What do you most like to do there?

The amount of visitors was staggering and there was no social distancing for anyone, even if they asked for it. We wore our masks when there was no space on the viewpoints, but not on the main trail. Everyone could move off to the side or wear masks or not on the breezy morning.

Large parties of families and friends were together – even for an engagement. A young man at one viewpoint reprimanded us for not wearing our masks. We moved away from him and stood alone. 

The paths have become more educational. The scenery –it is a Majestic creation. Become awestruck at the view. to see the Grand Canyon at least once. Plan a hiking trip – away from the people and away from the pavements. Take in the eons of time it took to create the Hopi: Ongtupqa, Yavapai: Wi:kaʼi:la, Navajo: Bidááʼ Haʼaztʼiʼ Tsékooh, Spanish: Gran Cañón, English: Grand Canyon.

We weren’t, you know, just wishing on a star when we laid the facts out before you regarding the powerful return of our Master, Jesus Christ. We were there for the preview! We saw it with our own eyes: Jesus resplendent with light from God the Father as the voice of Majestic Glory spoke: “This is my Son, marked by my love, focus of all my delight.” We were there on the holy mountain with him. We heard the voice out of heaven with our very own ears.  II Peter 1:16-18 The Message

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