Contemplate Copper Conduction

Because of my husband’s injury and being in a boot, we were restricted for a couple of days to drives and short walks. We headed through the country southwest of Sedona to the towns of Jerome, Clarkdale and the Tuzigoot national monument.   The most important thing we discovered was flavored Ginger Beer that was found only near Clarkdale.  

How do you honor the history of an area you visit? What do you want to discover about ancient or centuries old living? 

Jerome is an old mining town on the side of a copper mining mountain.  It only has 500 people living there now at this 5,066 elevated town, but was lively even during Covid. Bathrooms were a bit of a challenge to find and walking was a challenge. 

We learned so much about copper and the history and challenge of living in a Wild West mining town. At one point, the mine was producing 3 million pounds of copper each month.  

“Then set the empty pot on the coals so it may become hot and its copper sides glow. The dirty scum stuck inside it may then melt and its rust burn away.” Ezekial 24:11 New Century 

The Copper Museum in Clarkdale was a visit suggested by a vendor in Jerome and it was delightful. I had no idea how many things are and were made of copper. The art carvings made from the bombshells in World War I were fascinating.  Kitchens have used copper for centuries because of its ability to effectively conduct temperature. 

Tuzigoot is a national monument preserving the dwellings of the 12th century Sinagua Indians. It is a cluster of buildings and some crumbling ruins with views of the green Verde River valley dotted with yellow cottonwoods. It is near the town of Cottonwood four miles away. All of this in a short day trip less than an hour from Sedona.

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