Resolute Family Vortex Seekers

Our final Sedona Vortex search took me back to Boynton Canyon for a supposedly quick hike. I had been there in 2019 on the same path visiting the same tree. I know the way to go. For sure.

Wrong turns happen and I headed off through the brush on another path. After about ten minutes, I realized where I wanted to be. I could see people at the pinnacle. This would require bushwhacking up the side of a steep hill. 

This is no problem for us, but we had agreed to escort a family to the vortex. The family was not as familiar with hiking, and had five little girls from 3 to 12 following their adventurous father and mother. I have taken them the wrong way.  I explained to the kids what we were going to do to get to that top hill.  I asked them to follow me through the cactus and scratchy bushes. Luckily they had good shoes and water – but the shorts were concerning for all of us. Unfortunately, I did not take any family photos. They had only one scratch on the littlest one that needed a band aid.  They were resolute hikers now.

Lead good people down a wrong path and you’ll come to a bad end; do good and you’ll be rewarded for it. Proverbs 28:10 The Message

We enjoyed the vibrations at the magical twisted vortex tree, walked around the top of the mountain, viewed the cairns, and headed back before it became too dark. I took pictures on the trail on the way back to the parking lot, so I will not make that mistake again. Hopefully. 

What do you do when you have made a mistake on a trail? How long until you change course or reverse direction? Fun and relaxing trip close to town ended with another spectacular Arizona sunset on our last evening in Sedona. 

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