Colorado Bend Texas State Park

Sunshine. Trails. Views. Scat. Cactus. Weird trees. Strange shaped rocks. Mesquite trees provided shade even in the heat of the morning as the grasses were blowing on the way to Gorman Falls. 

We missed the turn to the Falls and there was no sound to guide us because of low water.  Within a short time, we were back to where we had branched on the trail.

How do you handle making a mistake or getting lost on a trail or in the wild?  What expectation do you for signage and markers? 

The entrance to the park can flood and trap everyone in the park for several days. The water was so low, that was not a concern today.  The park had been closed during the freeze in Texas in February 2021. 

The re-opening day was here and the park office is located close to the Colorado River. It was very green this day, and fishing boats were launched along the banks, which hid the small resident deer. 

The small Bar and Grill outside of the Park looks like a motorcycle, summer, outside, BBQ, and Texas destination.

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