Kayaking Pecan Bayou

In March 2021, we kayaked a cool 4 miles round trip which takes about two hours. After his San Antonio Kayak experience, our Schipperke was a pro and rode well in the back. We rented from Bayou Kayaks for a very reasonable price. He brings the kayaks to Riverside Park and picks them up and provides directions and supplies.

Leaving Riverside Park we saw sheep and a few dwellings, and then the cows walking toward the bayou. But in the early spring everything was still brown. 

Do you like to do water sports? Freshwater or Ocean? What do you want to try in or on the water?

May kayaking was on a hot summer day at noontime. We had no good reason to start then and many reasons to never do it at noon again – sun, heat, bugs, and more people.  

The full canopy of trees provided shade and greenery. In May we went to the other end of the bayou to check out the dam.  There is a Campground above us in the park area right close to downtown Brownwood.  

Ed and Taz were cooling themselves kayaking under the shade trees.  

I was looking for snakes. Found them. One three foot long one climbing out of water up the side of the hill to the park.  The other one was swimming by the bank. The snake swimming looks like a turtle, but the still water ripples behind them and there are no bubbles like with the sunning turtles.   

“See I will send venomous snakes among you, vipers that cannot be charmed, and they will bite you, thus says the Lord.” Jeremiah 8:17 NIV

Time to go to cold Colorado after we saw the third Texas size snake that day (3 plus foot long) at Lake Brownwood State Park right by the path and too near the dog.  

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