Streams and Dreams

Burnet, TX – pronounced “Burnet, like durn it or learn it”…  for a long 12 hour day searching for Bluebonnets in central Texas. As it seems in all the small towns in Texas, there is a center square surrounding the County Courthouse in the ‘County Seat’.  on ‘the square’ in Covid masks and continued social distancing was a moment to remember. I found a Texas cow longhorn hat rack, a used (like new) straw Cowboy hat, and a lovely 30-year old bluebonnet painting with TINY little dots representing the flowers. All of these grace our home in Brownwood.

How have you adapted your travel in the last year? How did you travel during Covid restrictions?  Does it irritate to shop with a mask? Does it irritate you to hike with a mask?   

We traveled from Burnet over the Buchanan Dam to Inks Lake State Park. (DO NOT SAY B, long U, C, or they know you are not local, it is BUCK-anan). Buchanan Dam is the largest Multi-arch dam in the world?  I had not seen Inks Lake SP since I lived in San Antonio and camped there thirty-five years ago. 

Inks Lake SP, about 1.5 hours northwest of Austin, TX has nine miles of trails to explore or you can rent paddleboats, canoes, or kayaks. Dad, my husband, and I hiked a short trail to the feeder stream, Valley Spring Creek, as my right knee was still sore from previous walks.  

Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord, the God of Jacob. For he caused gushing streams to burst from flinty rock. Psalms 114:7-8 The Living Bible

The new growth of barrelhead cactus was a surprising lime green. The colorful red and yellow wildflowers in the park distracted us on the journey to find more bluebonnets. 

We climbed to a wonderful large rock and watched the scurrying scorpion wag its painful tail at us. The temperature was perfect with a light breeze. A crystal clear stream floated down to the pools of water above the waterfalls and would be very welcome in the summer heat. 

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