Amarillo by Late Morning

“Eat it with your traveling clothes on, prepared for a long journey, wearing your walking shoes and carrying your walking sticks in your hands; eat it hurriedly. This observance shall be called the Lord’s Passover.” Exodus 12:11 The Living Bible

On a long drive, it is good to get out and really walk a few miles. We walked about one hour in low 80s temperature out to an old windmill on a Wildcat Bluff in a Nature Park after driving for six hours.  

There were about four miles of trails and it is just west of Amarillo off I 20.  

How do you ‘break up’ long road trips? Do you search for distractions along the way or stop when something interests you? What do you in the car? Listen to books on tape? Podcasts? Music? 

The caretaker said she only had to remove and relocate one rattlesnake this year so far. Keep your dog on leash, but rattlesnakes don’t like cows and they don’t like traffic on the paths.  Who knew?

It was a good stop halfway at 6 hours between Brownwood and Colorado Springs as we headed home for the summer. Another six hours to drive today.

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