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Meridian State Park in central Texas is located near Hamilton, TX which is the Northernmost point of the “Hill Country”. The Juniper forests on Stinnery Ridge Trail spread like a canopy over the trail because of their size. My allergies immediately made me want my inhaler.

It is known for its birding especially the precious Golden-cheeked Warbler, but they do not return until late Spring. We were visiting another state park before the cold weather returned and dropped temperatures 60 degrees in three days. Birdsong was limited as the weather changes affected them.

The CCC building and bridge at the Park was built in 1934 by the Civilian Conservation Corp out of the abundant white Texas limestone. There was a huge limestone ledge with ferns growing naturally out of tiny wet cracks. The larger Bee Ledge was vandalized a decade ago and the huge colony was destroyed. This trail was very Rocky and arduous and not to be tried without boots and walking stick.

In “Backpacking with the Saints” by Beldon Lane he says on p 41, “I need the wildness of nature to enliven my reading of the sacred word. My soul requires a boisterous exercise of faith, allowing the Spirit to blow where it wishes.”

I too believe the wilderness is restorative to my soul. Seeing and interacting with only four people (including the Ranger) for three hours is absolutely delightful to my senses. I want to return with my Bible or a sacred book and really see the environment.

My dog Taz, took his seat on the strange benches made of Juniper, Rock and held together with cement mortar. He is getting very good and smelling, hearing and seeing the lovely (not) Armadillos. This one was big, mature and could really move quickly. The whiskers on the young one he jumped the week before is shown with its whiskers. Who knew they ate these things and called them ‘Hoover Hogs’ in the depression?! I would have to be starving to try this delicacy.

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