Beauty Beyond Belief

On the last day of 2022, I thank you for following me in the changing environment of DebDays Blog. For years, I have shared my hiking adventures throughout the world. As my health has caused me to change from climbing mountains and high altitude distant hikes to walks and strolls, my writing has also adapted. I have only had material for two blogs per month, but I do hope that those shorter and different blogs are satisfactory and worthwhile.

This last blog of 2022 is focusing on Butterflies from a visit to the Butterfly Pavilion outside of Denver Colorado. God has blessed us with great beauty and vistas to delight our souls. This blog will focus on tiny invertebrates, with a range of color and shapes, that survive a little over twenty days.

Happy New Year to all and may 2023 be a Year of Blessings for you.

There are four small creatures,
    wisest of the wise they are

ants—frail as they are,
            get plenty of food in for the winter;
        marmots—vulnerable as they are,
            manage to arrange for rock-solid homes;
        locusts—leaderless insects,
            yet they strip the field like an army regiment;
        lizards—easy enough to catch,
            but they sneak past vigilant palace guards.

Proverbs 30: 24-25 The Message

May the New Year bring you Beauty Beyond Belief.

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