Desires of your Heart Part 3

My husband walked a bit further in the forest while I continued to wonder about the rock outlines.  He called to me, “come and see.”  I walked toward his voice in another grove of pines. 

A cash register was sitting on the ground. A cash register?  Another mystery in the woods.

What story would you create about why a cash register was in the woods? Why? Why here? Who brought it? Two mysteries were within eyesight of our car parked near the pine tree.

He disappeared over a hill on a trail that I could now see.  I heard it before I saw it.  Water.  Rushing down a field of boulders was a crystal clear stream of waterfalls. 

When I arrived at the magical brook, I could no longer hear the trucks shifting their gears to go up Monarch Pass. I only heard the rushing stream.

I no longer saw the irritating power lines of before. I saw granite boulders as big as a car next to a rushing stream, surrounded by green towering pines, and grey dying pine trees.

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will grant you what your heart desires.” Psalm 37:4 New Catholic Bible

My favorite place to be was combined into a God-given gift of smiles. I was thrilled and overjoyed. My husband was delighted that he had found, or been led to, my perfect place for ‘forest bathing’.

The creativity continues to flow as I write about this experience three days ago. My insights were filled with clarity. Where will I find this type of healing? Nature. Certainly not from a bottle of pills.

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