Austin, TX Shoal Creek Homeless

Remote small towns have one disadvantage – physician and dental specialists are not here that we need. We were directed to a practice in Austin which was located by Shoal Creek Trail.  While my husband was busy with appointments, Taz and I walked the trail, sidewalks and along the road.   When have you walked in a Continue reading Austin, TX Shoal Creek Homeless

Scottsdale Old Town, MIM and Cemetary

A ‘night out in Old Town’ Scottsdale started with a drive in evening traffic, passing through wealthy shopping areas, outdoor restaurants brimming with people, and warnings of the changes of Covid. “Face masks that cover your nose and mouth are currently mandatory in all public places in Scottsdale.” As the website says, “shopping in Old Continue reading Scottsdale Old Town, MIM and Cemetary

Landslide Brought Me Down

Seeking a shorter and easier hike after our climbing on Gateway Trail, we visited Tom Thumb trailhead in McDowell Sonoran Preserve in order to explore “the Marcus Landslide.” (3.0 mi/4.8 KM)”  After traversing the rollercoaster and unpaved road, and finding the elusive trailhead, we headed out on a descending path. I personally enjoy climbing first Continue reading Landslide Brought Me Down