Sauntering and Forest Bathing

Saunter: To walk in a leisurely manner.  Other words indicate walking at the speed of your breath: stroll, wander, amble, roam, ramble and meander.  How do these words feel to you?  Peaceful or Anxious? Relaxing or purposeless?  The answers to these questions says much about our own state of mind.  Do you know the origin of the Continue reading Sauntering and Forest Bathing

Hope in Perseverance vs. Despair

Perseverance: the word I used for finding answers to the disparate changes in my health that limited my hiking, especially at altitude. Three years of declining ability to breath had led us to discuss relocating out of our beloved Rocky Mountains. One final chance to find answers – go to National Jewish Health in Denver Continue reading Hope in Perseverance vs. Despair