Austin, TX Shoal Creek Homeless

Remote small towns have one disadvantage – physician and dental specialists are not here that we need. We were directed to a practice in Austin which was located by Shoal Creek Trail.  While my husband was busy with appointments, Taz and I walked the trail, sidewalks and along the road.   When have you walked in a Continue reading Austin, TX Shoal Creek Homeless

Landslide Brought Me Down

Seeking a shorter and easier hike after our climbing on Gateway Trail, we visited Tom Thumb trailhead in McDowell Sonoran Preserve in order to explore “the Marcus Landslide.” (3.0 mi/4.8 KM)”  After traversing the rollercoaster and unpaved road, and finding the elusive trailhead, we headed out on a descending path. I personally enjoy climbing first Continue reading Landslide Brought Me Down