Walking “toward the Cliff” Boomers

Baby Boomers are aging.  This large generation, born to the Greatest or the Silent Generation and preceding Generation X, are defined as those born between 1946 to 1964.  We came of age during the Vietnam War and the era of Civil Rights in the United States.  We remember JFK Assassination and President Nixon’s resignation during Continue reading Walking “toward the Cliff” Boomers

Maybe….Disappointment. Devastation.

Cancellation. Frustration.  After waiting four months for my appointment to hopefully get answers from a physician – or least reassurance – for this rapid beating heart, it was cancelled five days before the trip to Denver National Jewish Health.  I lost it.  Cried on the phone with the scheduler.  Ugly cry and how can this Continue reading Maybe….Disappointment. Devastation.

Ranch Retreat and Ranch Repeat

We scheduled a two-day retreat at ‘TK Ranch’ south of Breckinridge, Texas. Who know so many towns in Colorado have the same names in Texas towns but with a very different look? Breckinrideg: Ranch versus mountain town. The beautiful Bunkhouse had three private bedrooms with bath and slept 12 people. (Available through VRBO). There were Continue reading Ranch Retreat and Ranch Repeat