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Remarkable Journey: Breast Implant Illness and Cancer is the story of my two different breast cancers and the subsequent illnesses from a ruptured silicon implant and a mold-filled saline implant.
From my journals, I document the strange and spiraling illnesses I experienced with no idea they came from my reconstructed breast implants. I felt frustration with not being believed extending to my physicians, my family and friends. I knew something was wrong. When I found out from social media how many women are affected with similar symptoms, I felt betrayed by the medical establishment.
The book is written in two voices. The earliest writing was taken from my journals and is a raw expression of my journey from being bucked off a horse through my explant decision. Four years after the explant, I want to bring help to women in their physical, spiritual, and emotional health through my experiences of breast implant illness.

What do you do when your apparently heterosexual Christian spouse reveals they are gay or same sex attracted?  The revelation leads to a shattering of the heterosexual spouse, especially if they have been married a long time.  Deception: Revelation to Release Responses to Secretly Gay Spouse by Deborah Nottingham opens a personal view on her journey of deception from revelation to response.  The first three months of this event are told from her raw journals at the time and her look back as a restored woman.  Deception is the core issue, not the homosexuality.   Her search for answers to her marital issues begins with her view that divorce is not acceptable for her as a Christian, even as the marriage disintegrates.
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