Landslide Brought Me Down

Seeking a shorter and easier hike after our climbing on Gateway Trail, we visited Tom Thumb trailhead in McDowell Sonoran Preserve in order to explore “the Marcus Landslide.” (3.0 mi/4.8 KM)”  After traversing the rollercoaster and unpaved road, and finding the elusive trailhead, we headed out on a descending path. I personally enjoy climbing first Continue reading Landslide Brought Me Down

McDowell Sonoran Preserve Day 2

McDowell Sonoran Preserve The Southern section of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve (MSP) trailhead Lost Dog Wash was packed with people on a Thursday morning in November. The desert had finally cooled and Covid mania was waning in Scottsdale. People wanted to be outside, doing something, and having fun. (See previous post about the MSP) Did Continue reading McDowell Sonoran Preserve Day 2