Recovery for the Britts… and me

No dogs in the kitchen.  The foster girls learned that in an afternoon but never could figure out how I knew they were in there. (Clicking of dog nails on floor not carpet.)

Will they sleep tonight?

They have not stopped scratching, but it is less intense.  I received emails about what I will have to do about the fleas.  Vacuum daily.  Yikes – you must be kidding!  Watch them jump off of them when you brush them. Is there any worse thing to imagine?  Spray deadly chemicals on the floor, wash all their linen daily on super high wash.  I think I will just wait to see if I am bitten by a flea – then I will go crazy with removal.

Exhaustion of a new mother:  howling is a lot like crying when it comes at night and you or your roommates are trying to sleep.  The Brittany sisters were freaked out by the new place.  Abby and Shiloh are crate trained, they go into the crate nicely with food, but they want me in the same room with them.  After 20 minutes of crying/howling, I moved my blanket and book into the music room where they were and crunched up on the loveseat couch by their crates.  I finally went back to bed when they fell asleep and  slept from 11-2 am.  I sat up in bed listening for a noise.  There was nothing – but I was up until 3 am waiting and watching them sleep.
I moved  my blanket into the living room so I could quickly answer the howls/cries  and they would not bother my roommate.  They never woke.   They slept until 5:45 am when I woke them up to go do their duty to kill my grass.  Breakfast.  Snarfing – you get the picture.  We went to the neighbors to reintroduce the cleaned dogs and out on a walk we went.  Abby wants to jump on every car she sees by the sidewalk.  Not moving thank goodness.  When we went by a pickup, they both got excited and jumped up.  Please forgive me neighbors, I won’t let them scratch off any more paint!  I think their absent papa must have had a truck.  Sad face again.

They slept all day except for the frenetic biting in private parts – so tonight should be interesting.  I am going to hit the sack earlier – even if I am in the living room being watched carefully by four golden eyes.


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