Cow Jumped over the Moon

 The black cow lowers its head and watches us carefully as it chews on the grass.  In the distance it has seen the little white dog in the grass.  

The little white dog becomes intertwined with its genetic calling.  A schipperke was bred to nip at the heels of horses along the canals in Belgium.  

Taz, our eleven year old schipperke, was transformed by having close access to a cow.  It is not a horse, but close enough.  He becomes a brave hunter of this beast that can crush him easily.  He charges across the field.  The cow jumps and I am reminded of the children’s rhyme and picture “and the cow jumped over the moon.”  

The cow was circling itself and kicking up its heels, but never getting close to the dog.  The dog will not listen to us.  Taz has lost his mind and his hearing.  We cannot get him away from this frustrated and distraught cow.  It rears again and I intervene between the cow and the dog.  We have to capture the panting dog, put him on leash and bring him back to domestication.  He loved being a wild creature, if only for a cow. 

For every animal of the forest is mine  and the cattle on a thousand hills.
I know every bird in the mountains, and the insects in the fields are mine. Psalms 50:10-11 NIV

This 5.5 mile path had a gradual climb to the top of Palmer Divide.  Weather and storms get stuck on this high point between Colorado Springs and Denver.  I have bounced my way on multiple airplanes over the Palmer Divide.  It is a natural divide between two opposing areas of the plains of Colorado.  

We climbed to the top and stopped.  Amazed by the trees struck by lightning on this highest point.  The rocks really pointed north and south here and the trees and bushes gave a respite to the tired dog.  

Horses and mountain bikes share this trail with walkers and runners.  Take water.  Enjoy the view.  Try not to scare the cows.   

When did you last laugh on your hikes or walks?  What enjoyment are you missing? 

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